What to Expect from the Jets Thanksgiving Night

19 Nov

The New York Jets are squaring off against the Patriots Thanksgiving night in primetime, and all of a sudden, there is a sense of optimism surrounding this Jets team.

The Jets win over the Rams sets the stage for this crucial game against the Pats. After the Patriots beat the Colts, it was announced that Tight End Rob Gronkowski broke his arm and will be out 4-8 weeks. The other Tight End, Aaron Hernandez, has had lingering ankle issues and whether he will play and the impact he will have has yet to be determined. If the Pats are without these 2 guys, the Jets are have a golden opportunity to make a run at yes I said it, the playoffs. If you think I’m crazy, look at the 2nd half schedule. It includes games against the Cardinals, Jaguars, Titans, Bills, and the Chargers. However, it seems that every time you thought the Jets were finally going to take that next step this season, they fell back and smashed their heads on the ground. After they beat the Bills in Week number 1, you felt good facing a banged up Steelers team, the Jets didn’t show up. When you thought the Jets had the Patriots beaten 4 weeks ago, they gave it up. So why is there any reason to think the Jets are going to take advantage of this opportunity? What is probably going to happen is the Jets are going to get complacent, and run the most simple offense as usual. That means a heavy dose of Shonn Greene on first and second down. This will put the Jets in numerous 3rd and longs, and Sanchez will either get sacked or turn it over. I can see it now!!! Meanwhile the Patriots are going to feel like their backs are against the wall, and come out firing, once again shooting down the hopes of the Jets faithful. What Jets team will show up on Thanksgiving night remains to be seen. But if I were you, I wouldn’t get my hopes up, because if you do, they will just let you down.

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