Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Don’t Belong in Hall

29 Nov

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa, arguably the two greatest home-run hitters ever, along with arguably the greatest pitcher ever, are for the first time, eligible to join Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. They shouldn’t be inducted. No player tied to steroids should ever be allowed to enter Cooperstown. It would ruin everything the Hall of Fame stands for, even though they have yet to definitively say anything about steroids. In my book, the Hall of Fame is supposed to be for players who not only put up great numbers, but also put up those numbers the right way.

Barry Bonds was perceived as BALCO’s (Bay-Area-Labratory-Co-Operative) number one client during his playing days, and his head nearly doubled in size over the course of his career. You also always hear about “The Clear”.  Despite his constant denial, there is overwhelming evidence Bonds used steroids.

Everyone knows about Roger Clemens and his trainer Brian McNamee’s story. McNamee claims he injected Clemens numerous times with HGH, but Clemens has stood firm denying that ever happening.

Sammy Sosa not only used steroids, but also may have used a corked bat as well. During one of Sosa’s at-bats during the 2003 season, he broke his bat, and the umpires determined Sosa’s bat was corked and he was ejected. He was never the same player. He claimed he accidentally took a batting practice bat. Sosa’s two major offenses together may be the worst of them all. These players don’t deserve to be in the same group as players such as Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Nolan Ryan, and Bob Gibson, just to name a few. It would be an insult to anyone who has ever played the game if they got in.

An even worse move baseball could make is making a steroid section of Cooperstown. Why would any player feel achieved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with an asterisk next to their name? I think that’s worse, and it comes across as a cop-out for baseball. It’s like saying, “We know you cheated, but we feel we have to acknowledge what you did, so we’re making a cheaters area.” I would rather not be inducted than be recognized as an official cheater for the rest of my life.
Baseball has gotten in right so far by not allowing Mark McGwire in, now they have to do it again by not letting neither Bonds, Sosa, or Clemens in. It’s what has to be done to save the integrity of baseball.

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