Kevin Youkilis Hits in the Playoffs, Which is Why Yankees should make it Happen

06 Dec

The Yankees offense has been non-existent over the past two postseasons.

They hit .188 as a team during last year’s playoffs. That is the lowest average in postseason history by any team that played at least seven games. That is completely unacceptable. The Yankees need to go back to signing grinders, and players that perform under pressure. Kevin Youkilis does both. Youkilis is a career .306 hitter in the post season. He was a key part of the two Red Sox team that won titles in 2004 and 2007. The man is a winner. I am getting sick of players like Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, Mark Texiera, Robinson Cano, and besides 2009, Alex Rodriguez contributing absolutely nothing to the Yankees offense during the playoffs. When these players are going bad, they go bad. Grinders are players that when times are bad, can get through those tough times without being completely shut down.
The teams that have won championships recently are the ones who get the most clutch hits. The Giants had big playoff performances from Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey. Two years ago for the Cardinals, guys like David Freese and Lance Berkman had huge hits that were key to the Cardinals winning. Signing Kevin Youkilis won’t solve everything, but it’s a step in the right direction.
The one knock on Youkilis is how he has hit the past 2 seasons. He’s hit in the .230s both times. I’m not discouraged by that. If you remember, when the Yankees signed Scott Brosious, people viewed him as a marginal player at best. He ended up being one of the most clutch players during the dynasty of the late ’90s. The fact that Youkilis previously played for the Red Sox in the past is a complete non-factor for me. I could care less. The transition worked for Johny Damon, and it will work for Youk too.
If the Yankees want to win championships again, they need players that hit in the playoffs. Youkilis has proven he can do it, and Cashman needs to get it done.

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