Hey Revis, Wake Up

19 Feb

Darrelle Revis is at it again. In an interview with Andrea Kramer, Revis said that owner Woody Johnson would rather trade him than keep him. According to Revis, he never received a phone call, and the Jets haven’t been honest with him throughout the offseason.

Attention Darrelle Revis, WAKE UP!!!!. The Jets would love to keep you. They look at you as the most dominant defensive player currently playing the sport. The last thing they want to do is trade you, believe me. If Woody Johnson and the Jets had it their way, you would be a Jet for life.

The reality for Darrelle Revis is that the Jets have so many holes on the team, and so little cap space, that trading Revis could potentially benefit the team. I’m pretty sure if the best player on your team is the cornerback, that doesn’t lead to a championship. I can’t think of one case where the cornerback was the ultimate reason for a team winning a title. Championship teams have elite quarterbacks with good to elite receivers, and play making running backs. Right now, the Jets have none of those, which is why they are currently the teams priorities.

Also, the Jets playing the majority of this past season without him, were still the 2nd best team against the pass. So how valuable is Revis to the Jets? The answer is not very. If Revis is healthy last season, the Jets are still 6-10, maybe 7-9 at best. They were 8-8 2 seasons ago with him playing the entire season.

I’m not saying that the Jets should trade Revis no matter what. He can do things no one else in the sport can even come close to doing. Darrelle Revis needs to realize that the NFL is a business and stop complaining that he’s not being treated like a god. He’s going to get his money from somebody, that’s a fact. He should just go out and play, which is all he has control over.

The Jets main focus should be finding an elite quarterback, and building the offense, not giving Darrelle Revis $20 million a year. In order to build an offense, trading Revis makes that process a lot easier. How he doesn’t recognize this, I have no idea.

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