With Teixeira Out, Time for Yanks to Make a Move

06 Mar

After it was announced Curtis Granderson would miss the first month plus of the season, the Yankees didn’t make any moves. I agreed. Today it was announced first baseman Mark Teixeira is going to miss 8-10 weeks with a strained left wrist, meaning he will also miss the first month plus of the season.

It’s time for the Yankees to make a move. The man the Yankees should bring in is Carlos Lee. Of all the current free agents out there, and they include players such as Grady Sizemore, Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreu, Scott Rolen, Aubrey Huff, and Andruw Jones, I would go with Lee over all of them. Especially to fill in for Teixeira at first. Sizemore didn’t play 1 game last year, Abreu and Damon can’t play the infield, Huff hit .192 last year, and Andruw Jones hit .197.  Scott Rolen is an intriguing name, but hasn’t played over 92 games the past 2 seasons and hasn’t hit above .245 since 2010.

After looking at the free agent class, fans may push the team to make a big trade. A name that comes to mind is Chase Headley. I would love for the Yankees to bring him in, but it’s just for one month. If it turns out Teixeira or Granderson will be out until June or July, then I consider making a big time move. But not just because a couple of players are missing the first month. That’s the definition of an over reaction.

Like a number of the current free agents, Carlos Lee is very possibly on the decline as well. Last season was the first time since 2000 he didn’t hit more than 18 Home runs. His numbers in 2012 included a .264 average, 9 home runs, and 77 RBIs in 147 games for the Astros and the Marlins. For Lee, 2011 was the first year since 2000 where he didn’t hit at least 24 Home runs. He went from 18 in 2011, to 9 in 2012, and those numbers have every reason to scare you. But I believe hitting in Yankee Stadium, and playing in meaningful games may re-energize the 36-year-old slugger to hold the fort at least for April.

A part of Lee’s game you have to love is his durability. He’s played over 115 games every year he’s played, and the 115 total came in 2008. He responded by playing in 160 games in 2009, 157 in 2010, and 155 in 2011. You know you can count on Lee being out there when you need him.

Obviously bringing in Carlos Lee to the Yankees isn’t ideal. But under the circumstances of the team, and the lack of depth on the roster for the first month, a move has to be made and I believe Lee makes the most sense.

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