Nate Robinson Does it Again

06 May

The Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat were tied at 86 with 1:59 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. If you were betting, you’d probably put your money on LeBron James and Dwayne Wade to close the game and give Miami a win and a 1-0 lead in the series. You would have lost.

In the final 1:59 of the game, it was the Nate Robinson show, which is becoming a theme in this year’s NBA Playoffs. Nate started it off by sinking a 19-foot jumper to give Chicago the lead. Then he accelerated to the basket past Ray Allen and laid in a finger roll over the 6’11 Chris Bosh. The Bulls led by 4. Nate proceeded to hit 3 free-throws in the last 24 seconds to give the Bulls a huge win on the road in Miami. Robinson finished the game with 27 points, scoring 24 of them in the 2nd half. The Heat had been dominant at home this season going 37-4. Robinson made it 37-5.

Game 1 was just another typical night for Robinson in this post-season, all starting with his 23-point fourth quarter in game 4 against the Nets. Robinson went on a personal 12-0 run in about a minute and half to cut the Nets 14-point lead to 2. Most NBA players would have just given up, but Robinson didn’t stop.  The man has zero conscience. There’s no explanation for a 5’9 player to drive right at a 6’11 player and lay it on over them. He’s defying the laws of physics.

Before this post-season, Robinson had never started a post-season game. He just comes in and plays like he’s been in the playoffs for years. Are you kidding?

When NBA teams come to Miami, it’s become routine for LeBron James or Wade to close the game out, but for one night it Miami, it was Nate Robinson’s turn. The Bulls continue to be without starting point guard Kirk Hinrich and who knows when Luol Deng will come back. But right now, it doesn’t seem to matter. Nate Robinson is playing on another level and Chicago hasn’t missed a beat. Nate’s defied all the odds in these playoffs, and eliminating the Heat would only add to his illustrious tale.

Game 2 is set for Wednesday night at 7pm and who knows what Nate Robinson has in store.

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