Marty Mornhinweg hates the Wildcat, Among Headlines from Q&A

07 May

Tonight, the New York Jets held a special event for a select group of season ticket holders at the teams Atlantic Health training facility in Florham Park, New Jersey. The event included a Q&A session with the teams Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman and Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Thurman was quiet and reserved, while Mornhinweg was very open and talkative. Here’s are some Jets headlines from the night:

Quinton Coples role with the team: Unlike the previous assumption that Coples was slated to make a full-time move to outside linebacker, Dennis Thurman made it clear he wants Coples to rush the passer. That’s his job, and that’s what he’s going to do. Coples at outside linebacker would have been a great fit. There’s no way at 280 pounds he would have been able to cover any running back in the league. Thurman did mention that Coples is a hybrid and the team is experimenting different ways to utilize him. This should make Jets fans breathe a little easier.

Teams draft strategy: According to Dennis Thurman, the Jets draft board had a surprising name at the top. The teams top defensive player going into the draft was Missouri defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson.  Many fans hadn’t even heard of Richardson going into the draft, so to hear that was pretty shocking.  We’re just going to have to trust new General Manager John Idzik on this one.  Thurman said that Richardson was the most explosive lineman to come out of the draft.  Only time will tell with him.

Wildcat: New Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg made it clear he is not a fan of the Wildcat. He likes having one quarterback behind center taking all the snaps. Before Jets fans get all excited, Mornhinweg said if he has to use the Wildcat, he would. At least he isn’t in favor of it and the team will not be relying on or hiding any secret packages. Phew

Jets running backs: The New York Jets have several unproven running backs on the roster going in to this season. Returning players Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight will be attempting to win the starting job, and newcomers Mike Goodson and Chris Ivory. Mornhinweg isn’t committing to any one guy, so expect all these guys to get a shot to show what they can do. Mornhinweg received a lot of criticism in Philadelphia for not giving the ball to LeSean McCoy enough. Hopefully for the Jets sake he doesn’t get the same criticism here.

Quarterbacks: Entering training camp, the Jets have 5 quarterbacks on the roster. Long shot Matt Simms is there, along with Greg McElroy, Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, and the newly drafted Geno Smith. Mornhinweg is going to let the competition play out. Sanchez actually fits well into Mornhinweg’s west coast offense of getting rid of the ball quickly, but starting Sanchez would not go over well with the New York media. It looks like Mornhinweg is going to push Geno Smith to win the job. He was shocked Smith was still on the board at 39, and was raving about how few interceptions he threw last year at West Virginia. It would be a surprise if Garrard won the job to start the season, and there’s no way Matt Simms starts a game for the Jets this season. Whoever wins the job, Mornhinweg told me he expects “greatness”. We’ll see about that.

Defensive Backs: Dennis Thurman was raving about Dee Milliner and thinks he’s the real deal. He wants Milliner to just be himself, and if he does that, he should be fine.
Thurman also said that the Jets defensive backs entering this season are the most talented group he’s ever coached, even with Revis gone. Sounds very familiar to what fans of the team have been hearing over the past 4 seasons ie (Rex saying last year the Jets were the most talented team he’s ever coached)

Mini camp for the Jets begins this weekend and the road to opening day in September is just beginning.

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