He’s Just A Kidd

11 Jun

According to Adrian Wajnorowski of Yahoo! Sports, Jason Kidd is now a leading candidate to become the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Kidd believes he is ready to coach after just retiring from the NBA about 3 weeks ago when the Knicks were eliminated by the Indiana Pacers.

Kidd is one of the most respected players the history of the NBA, and a top 5 point guard of all-time. He did the unthinkable making the New Jersey Nets a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference winning back to back Conference Titles. Before he got to East Rutherford, the Nets were on a different planet from the Knicks. Kidd changed that. In his career, he’s won 2 gold medals and won a championship in 2011 with the Mavericks.

Now Kidd wants to do another unthinkable. Less than one month after retiring, Kidd wants to be a head coach in the NBA. Many players and coaches have said Kidd has an incredibly high basketball IQ, and would one day make a great head coach, but now’s not the time.

It was less than one year ago Kidd was busted for a DUI in the Hampton’s after signing with the Knicks. As a coach, you have to set an example for your players, and getting DUI’s doesn’t look too good.

While Kidd is a well respected player, he also has a history of quitting on coaches and teams, and even has a criminal record. He was the reason Byron Scott was let go as coach of the Nets. Kidd hated Scott and forced ownership to fire him.

Then in 2008, Kidd decided he didn’t want to play for the Nets anymore, so he faked a migraine sitting out a crucial game against the Knicks. Weeks later, Kidd was a Maverick. In 2001, Kidd pleaded guilty to domestic abuse charges for assaulting his wife. He was fined $200 and forced to take Anger Management classes.

Who’s to say that if things don’t go well with the Nets, Kidd quits and walks away putting the Nets back at square one. It’s unlikely he does that, but he did it as a player and who’s to say he won’t do it again as a coach.

As part of Kidd’s plan of coaching, he wants to bring Lawrence Frank on board as an assistant coach. Kidd quit on Frank when he was coach of the Nets. Now he wants to bring him to Brooklyn on good terms? That’s hard to believe.

His reputation is a big factor to why he shouldn’t be the next Brooklyn head coach now. Another factor the Nets should consider is Kidd simply isn’t ready to coach. He just retired and needs another perspective on the game, either as an assistant coach, or a broadcaster. Pat Riley made the jump from the booth to the sideline, and Mark Jackson did the same. Riley’s career speaks for itself, and Jackson has the Warriors on the rise.

The Nets would be wise to choose Brian Shaw, not Kidd to be the head coach. Unlike Kidd, Shaw has paid his dues as an assistant under arguably the greatest coach ever Phil Jackson, and more recently under Pacers coach Frank Vogel. Shaw is credited with turning around Lance Stephenson into an effective player. Shaw is scheduled to visit with the Nets Wednesday and is being flown in on a private Jet by Nets owner Mikhail Prokorhov.

Kidd returning to the franchise he made relevant would be a cool story. It shouldn’t happen now though. Jason Kidd’s never called a play, or been the one making all the decisions. As an assistant, Kidd would be an ideal fit. He could be groomed, and one day become a head coach. The thing Kidd has to realize is that at the end of the day, he’s just a kid.

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