Costas Takes Shot at Mets During US Open

17 Jun

During the US Open, NBC’s Bob Costas gave a sports update, which included the highlight of the days Mets Cubs game. The 24-39 Mets had just completed an improbable comeback beating the Cubs 4-3. The Mets scored all 4-runs in the 9th with Kirk Nieuwenhuis hitting a walk-off 3-run home run. New York had a pretty excessive celebration, and Costas lets the Mets know how he feels about it in this video:

There are 2 sides to this dilemma. The Mets have been so bad for the past 6-7 years after making the NLCS in 2006 and when anything good happens, fans start hoping it’s the start of the team winning again. It’s just something the fan base and team haven’t experienced a lot of and when they win, they deserve to be happy and show that happiness.

When the Mets swept the Yankees last month, the fan base was ecstatic about what their team did to the Yankees. It was a great moment that gave the Mets fans bragging rights over the Yankees. It doesn’t get much better than that. Since then, it’s been mostly down hill with the team losing five games to the lowly Marlins, and 2/3 to the Cubs.

The other side is the Mets need to realize these aren’t playoff games, and shouldn’t celebrate like they just won a playoff or World Series game. It’s really what separates championship teams, from non-playoff, losing teams. Teams that win know the proper time to celebrate, and don’t get too high after getting a big win, or too low after a major loss.

Losing teams have a tendency to get way too high after winning a game, because they don’t expect to win. That’s the key. The Mets don’t expect to win, and that can’t be the case. Although it is going to be difficult, the Mets need to expect to win. It’s a tall order, but if the Mets are going to be a winning team again, the culture must change.

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