A-Rod A-Gone?

14 Jul

Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball are reportedly discussing a plea-deal that could potentially end the soon to be 38-year-old’s career.

On Friday, Major League Baseball met with Rodriguez and outlined their PEDs case against him. Rodriguez is being investigated for getting performance enhancing drugs from Anthony Bosch’s Biogenisis clinic.

A 150-game suspension is very possible, according to sources. A suspension of that length would eliminate any chance of A-Rod returning this season, as well as the majority of next season.

By the time the suspension ends, there is a good chance Rodriguez won’t attempt another comeback meaning his time in the Major League’s would be over. That would be an ideal scenario for the Yankees to recoup the remaining money on Rodriguez’s contract. One of the only ways A-Rod could still get his money is if doctors determine that he is physically unable to perform.

The fact that A-Rod is in talks of negotiating a plea deal essentially means that he bought PEDs from Anthony Bosch, something he’s consistently denied.

Rodriguez has stood by his story of only using PEDs for 2 years while playing for the Texas Rangers. He says he never took them again after that.

If that story was true, there’s almost no way A-Rod would even think about taking a plea deal. He would fight and fight and fight until he won.

But it appears that the evidence is overwhelming enough that even one of the most tenacious players to ever be in the Major’s is giving up. Rusty Hardin may not have to make an appearance in this one.

Following A-Rod’s meeting with the MLB, he failed to report to a triple-A rehab game in Scranton later that day and was AWOL. Rodriguez reportedly told Yankees GM Brian Cashman that, “He just couldn’t make it.”

It would have been nice if A-Rod at least told someone that he wouldn’t be able to make it, as opposed to having to be hunted down by Cashman.

Did he just think that it would be okay if he didn’t show up without telling anyone? That’s usually not how things work.

The ironic thing is the Yankees could actually use A-Rod considering the production the team has been getting from the left side of the infield.

It’s now really anybody’s guess what the next phase in the Alex Rodriguez saga will be.

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