Not Again

15 Jul

For the 2nd season in a row, it appears that a quarterback will be breathing down the neck of Mark Sanchez.

One would think that the New York Jets would eventually learn a lesson. After what took place last season, the Jets are once again reportedly discussing using a “change of pace” quarterback.

The teams 2nd round pick, Geno Smith, would be taking the exact role that Tim Tebow supposedly had last year.

The way that worked was anytime Mark Sanchez would get into a nice rhythm, on would come Tebow who would get stuffed at the line of scrimmage and kill any momentum that the Jets had going for them.

If Sanchez was struggling, Tebow wouldn’t even taste the field. The Jets were waiting for Sanchez to find his groove again before changing “the pace” by bringing in Tebow.

Once Sanchez became so bad and a change of pace wasn’t needed, Rex finally decided to pull him. Greg McElroy was chosen as the back-up. We all know how that turned out.

The bottom line is the idea of having a change of pace quarterback failed, and the fact that this is even being discussed is mind boggling.

The Jets just can’t say goodbye to Mark Sanchez. The coaching staff led by Rex Ryan can’t stand-up and commit to an every down quarterback. If the Jets don’t want Sanchez as the quarterback, then Rex should name Geno Smith as the quarterback and be done with it.

Putting Geno out there when he’s not the starter would once again cause a major Tebow-like uproar.

It’s like everyone in the entire world knows that Sanchez shouldn’t be the starting quarterback, besides Rex Ryan. Turning the ball over a league leading 26 times last season isn’t that big of a deal.

The correct way of having a “change of pace” quarterback would be to put a guy out there you know has no chance of being the starter. That’s why Brad Smith was so effective in that role because he was of no threat to Sanchez.

But this is the Jets where nothing gets done properly.

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