Mo Takes Center Stage

17 Jul

Forget Matt Harvey becoming the 3rd Mets pitcher to ever start the All-Star game. Forget Mets star David Wright being the captain and hitting 4th for the NL squad. Forget perhaps the greatest pitcher in Mets history throwing out the first pitch.

Forget Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline after the top of the 8th inning because on the night the Mets showcased their ballpark and their future to the country, it was Mariano Rivera who took center stage.

From his ovation during introductions, to leaving the bullpen with his usual “Enter Sandman” playing over the loud speaker, to having his own 2-minute standing ovation, to his 1-2-3 8th inning, to winning MVP for the game, it was Mariano Rivera who owned the night. Not Matt Harvey, not the Mets, not Citi Field, not David Wright, and not Tom Seaver.

Here’s the Video of Rivera entering the game:

That’s all you really need to know about what Mariano Rivera has done for the game of baseball. He’s been so dominant throughout his 19-year Yankees career, and has always done anything and everything possible to give back to the game.

It’s only right that the game is finally giving back to Rivera, who’s been giving the game for so long. The fact of the matter is, there will never be another Mariano Rivera.

There will never be a player who’s been so exemplary from the moment he stepped on the field, to the moment where he finally hangs up his jersey for good.

It’s almost funny because besides Rivera having his moment, last night’s all-star game was flat out boring. The NL only managed 3 hits and there weren’t any amazing noteworthy plays.

The only play that was close to being noteworthy was Manny Machado getting the out on a long throw from 3rd base. That’s more than routine for Machado who’s been making plays like that all year.

As for Rivera, the only way he could top what happened last night would be him closing out the Yankees 28th World Series Championship come October. But with the way the Yankees played in the first half, a lot has to change for that scenario to play out.

(Keep your fingers crossed)

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