Takeaways from KG, Pierce, Terry Presser

18 Jul

The three newest Brooklyn Nets finally met the New York media today in their introductory press conference. Former Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry were all unified in their aspirations to win another title. But here’s what I took away from listening to Pierce, KG, and Terry:

Paul Pierce:

It’s like “The Truth” had his heart ripped out of him having to leave Boston. Pierce was set on playing his entire career with and retiring as a Celtic. Watching him during this press conference, it looked like Pierce would have been happier retiring than playing for another team.

Calling Brooklyn home hasn’t sunk it yet for him, and there’s a chance it never will because Boston will always be his home. Pierce did recognize the business aspect of it, and knows the Celtics want to go in a different direction. Pierce essentially said he had no choice.

He hinted how much he didn’t want to deal with the long drives to the Nets practice facility in East Rutherford, and then having to drive to Brooklyn to the arena. He loved the convenience of living 5 minutes from the Celtics practice facility.

The only positives things out of Pierce’s mouth were he believes the Nets are right there with the Heat and are in prime position to win a championship. So at least he shares the same aspirations as everyone else.

Kevin Garnett:

Following Paul Pierce telling everyone how much he didn’t want to leave Boston, Kevin Garnett quickly lightened the mood excitedly saying, “What’s Up Brooklyn?” which resulted in an ovation.

Like Pierce, Garnett would have rather stayed in Boston and knows Brooklyn is the best option for him to add another championship to his resume.

Garnett credits Jason Terry, Paul Pierce, and Jason Kidd who influenced him to waive his no trade clause and join the Nets.

Jason Terry:

The happiest person in the Barclays Center today was clearly Jason Terry. He couldn’t be more excited to compete for a title, have Jason Kidd as his coach, and get his number 31 back after wearing number 4 with the Celtics last season.

Terry looked ready to go and is ready to have a major rebound season.

The biggest surprise of the press conference was at the very end when Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov made an appearance. He shook everyone’s hand and was all smiles.

In an interview with the YES Network, Prokhorov reiterated his 5-year plan of winning a title and how much he likes this roster. He likes the combination of superstars, with role players, veterans, and young players. Prokhorov deserves a ton of credit for turning the Nets from mediocre, to respectable last season, to championship contenders in a 3-year period. That’s pretty remarkable.

Today was a great day in the history of the Brooklyn Nets and the focus from here on out will be getting ready for the season opener. The ingredients are all there, and now it’s a matter of them blending together well.

Andrei Kirilenko was unable to attend the press conference due to a personal matter overseas.

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