The Savior

20 Jul

As crazy and as ridiculous as this sounds, and as much as people will disagree with this, Alex Rodriguez could very well be the savior of the 2013 New York Yankees.

With an anticipated Monday return in Texas, A-Rod is just days away from returning and his return can’t come soon enough.

No disrespect to Luis Cruz, David Adams, or Alberto Gonzalez, but those guys don’t belong in the Major Leagues. They have given the Yankees little to nothing offensively.

While A-Rod clearly won’t be the player who routinely hit 40 plus home runs and was a perennial MVP candidate, he can’t be worse than the other players who have manned the Yankees hot corner this season.

He could come back as motivated as ever to silence his critics, to silence the people that want him no where near the team, the people that say he’s washed, and the people that say his steroid infested body has completely broken down.

What a story it would be if A-Rod comes back, and sparks this anemic offense back to respectability. All while leading the Yankees back to the post-season for the 5th consecutive season and for the 18th time in the past 19 seasons.

A-Rod led the Yankees to a World Series title in 2009, and provided big hit after big hit in the process, but even that hasn’t come close to eliminating his haters.

Right now, it looks like only a miracle could save the Yankees season. That miracle could be Alex Rodriguez. What a better for A-Rod to salvage reputation than to pull off the impossible.

It all begins Monday in Texas. See you then.

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