Fooled You

21 Jul

Those sneaky Red Sox Fans are at it again. During yesterday’s Yankees Red Sox game, a young Sox fan smartly brought to caps to the game. A Red Sox cap, and a Yankees cap. When Yankees third-base coach Robbie Thompson retrieved a foul ball, he looked behind him for a Yankees fan and spotted a kid Yankees cap on, so Thompson gave him the ball.

After getting the ball, the Red Sox fan quickly took the Yankees cap off and replaced it with his Red Sox hat. He also had a Red Sox shirt on.

Here’s the Video:

You have to give that kid credit. He knew he would be right behind the Yankees dugout, and if he was wearing a Yankees cap, his chances of someone in the dugout giving him a ball would be significantly higher.

It worked, the kid got his ball, and he successfully fooled the Yankees. Congratulations.

The situation would have been so much better if Thompson recognized the kid was wearing a Red Sox hat, and then gave the ball to someone else. Fortunately for the kid, that wasn’t the case.

The Yankees though would get the last laugh winning 5-2.

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