A Worse Contract Than A-Rod’s

29 Jul

Who would have ever thought there would be a contract that could be just as bad, if not worse than that of Alex Rodriguez? Albert Pujols’s Angels contract could very well be that contract.

Pujols’s fall from grace has been absolutely stunning. After leading the St. Louis Cardinals to a World Series championship in 2011, Pujols signed a massive 10-year, $254 million dollar contract with the Angels.

It was a win-win for both sides. Pujols was the best player in the game getting paid like one, and the Angels would now be a powerhouse in the American League.

The Angels missed the playoffs his first season, and Pujols had the lowest home-run total of his career with 30. Still very respectable. The expectation was 2013 would be a big time bounce back year. Adding Josh Hamilton, and having Mike Trout for a full season looked deadly.

Well, the Angels are currently in 4th place, 7 games under .500, and Pujols is now likely out for the season with a torn ligament in his foot.

This season had been far and away the worst of Pujols’s career. He was hitting a career-low .258 with 17 Home Runs. The fact that Pujols doesn’t even resemble the same guy who dominated baseball in St. Louis less than 2-years into his contract with the Angels is a scary proposition.

The Angels are on the hook for Pujols for 8 more years and around $212 million dollars. He’s making a minimum of $23 million dollars for each of the next 8-years and will be hauling in a not too shabby $30 million dollars…. in 2021. He will be 41 years old.

At least the Yankees have the potential to get out of A-Rod’s deal and void the contract based on fraud. The Angels appear to be backed into a corner with no way out. Pujols is still only 33-years-old and he could regain his prior MVP form.

If anything, Pujols’s contract should be a lesson for every Major League team to never again hand out a 10-year deal for over $200 million dollars.

You would think.

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