Not Going Down Without a Fight

03 Aug

With Major League Baseball ready to drop the hammer on the players involved with Biogenisis on Monday, Alex Rodriguez played his first rehab game since July 19th in Trenton and proceeded to hit a mammoth 2-run home run in front of a sell-out crowd at Arm & Hammer Park. He also walked and struck out before exiting.

Unlike the 8 other players likely accepting their suspensions, A-Rod isn’t going down without a fight and plans on joining the Yankees in Chicago on Monday. According to A-Rod, there’s only one way he isn’t in the lineup Monday.

“Unless I get hit by lightning, and these days you never know,” he said laughingly during his post-game press conference last night.

A-Rod says he feels as good as he’s felt since his hip surgery and likes the way the ball is jumping off his bat. He feels he could play 5 more years at this rate. A-Rod is also excited to help the team, loves being a Yankee, and plans on winning a championship.

He isn’t oblivious to everything that’s going on with the Biogenisis investigation saying, “There is more than one party that benefits from me not ever stepping back on the field. That’s not my teammates and that’s not the Yankees fans.”

Maybe just maybe he’s referring to the Yankees and Major League Baseball hoping he never steps on the field again.

A-Rod hinted he believes that the fact the Yankees and the MLB don’t want him playing again has been a factor in this process.

Commissioner Bud Selig wouldn’t be throwing out a lifetime ban if he didn’t feel that way and the Yankees desperately want to get out of A-Rod’s contract, whether the team ever admits it or not.

When asked if he feels if he’s being singled out in this investigation, A-Rod responded by saying, “What do you think?” That statement was essentially taking a shot at Major League Baseball for looking to come down much harder on him than all the other players involved as well as any other player who has ever taken steroids.

A-Rod’s not out of line for saying that he’s being singled out. He’s never failed a test and every other player is likely getting suspended for the rest of the season, while he is facing a life-time ban.

Mark McGwire took steroids and he gets to be a hitting coach in the Major Leagues? A-Rod is absolutely, without a doubt being singled out.

Rodriguez will likely get through the weekend healthy and be ready to play on Monday for the Yankees. He also will appeal any suspension handed down to him when baseball finally does say who’s getting suspended.

It would be an amazing spectacle to see A-Rod return to the Yankees this season. But the biggest question is will baseball allow it?

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