A-Rod: “I’m Flying to Chicago”

04 Aug

Major League Baseball is officially prepared to suspend Alex Rodriguez for the rest of this season, as well as all of next season, according to multiple reports.

Despite that, Alex Rodriguez still plans on having his scheduled workout Sunday and he is determined to fly to Chicago and join the Yankees when they face the White Sox on Monday. The man simply cannot be stopped.

“I’m flying to Chicago,” Rodriguez said after playing 7 innings for the Trenton Thunder on Saturday. A-Rod walked in each of his 4 at-bats.

It is likely baseball will declare that A-Rod won’t be eligible to play once his suspension his official. Once that happens, Rodriguez will appeal and file a grievance if he isn’t allowed to play while the appeal process takes its course.

Commissioner Bud Selig reportedly snapped due to A-Rod once again refusing to negotiate with the MLB and A-Rod’s post-game press conference following Friday’s game in Trenton.

During that press conference, Rodriguez hinted that Major League Baseball, as well as the Yankees organization didn’t want him ever playing in the Majors again.

If A-Rod continues with his aggressive approach, his case will go to MLB arbitrator Fredric Horowitz. That’s when things will get very, very interesting.

As this process plays out, everyone should just sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacle that is Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez because he truly is one of a kind.

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