A-Rod’s Back, and That’s a Good Thing for the Yankees

05 Aug

Alex Rodriguez was suspended by Major League Baseball through the 2014 season today. However, A-Rod is appealing and will be able to play until a decision is made on that appeal.

MLBPA Chief Michael Weiner said that it’s likely a decision is made in November or December, meaning Rodriguez will play the rest of the season for the Yankees.

There are very few people coming to the defense of A-Rod, and few agree with the approach he is taking to the suspension of fighting it to the end. Many just want him to go away for good, and that’s completely understandable.

The Yankees on the other hand, desperately need him to play, and play well. It would be a remarkable story if A-Rod sparks the team, and then the Yankees make the playoffs.

Everyone knows how pathetic the Yankees 3rd base production has been this season, it’s been the worst in the league. The addition of A-Rod is huge to the lineup.

He clearly isn’t the same guy who hits 50 plus homers each season, but he can make a difference offensively.

A-Rod will without a doubt be a major distraction to both the Yankees and Major League Baseball for the rest of the season, something that many are furious about. He’s taking away from the pennant races and the good stories in the game.

For people that are concerned about that affecting the Yankees on the field, how can the team get any worse than the way the team has been playing recently? The Yankees have been awful.

With the way A-Rod is handling everything, he’s being so reckless, so ridiculous, so self-centered, it’s almost comical. I know I think it’s hysterical.

It was just announced A-Rod is hitting cleanup and playing 3rd base tonight against the White Sox. GET READY!!!

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