RGIII Shanahan At Odds

13 Aug

Washington Redskins franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III and head coach Mike Shanahan are at odds over Shanahan’s plan to not play RGIII during the pre-season.

When asked if he agreed and understood why Shanahan was being very cautious with him, Griffin said, “I can’t B.S. that answer. No, I don’t like it…I don’t understand all of it.”

Griffin, who is recovering from a torn ACL, believes he is 100 percent and ready to go.

Shanahan is likely being too careful with Griffin in an effort to make sure he will be ready to take the field when the Redskins open the season September 9th against the Eagles on Monday Night Football.

But the counter argument is Griffin convinced Shanahan he was healthy enough to stay in the game before injuring his knee even further.

Shanahan gave Griffin the benefit of the doubt the first time, and it didn’t work. He doesn’t want it to happen again. Shanahan responded to Griffin’s comments saying he didn’t like his coach’s plan.

“That’s my job, not to necessarily do what he likes but to do what’s the best thing for him and this organization. My job is to get him ready for the first game, and that’s what we’re hoping we can do. Without a setback, I believe he will be ready for the first game. And I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that there is no setback and we can have him for the first game of the season. But if there is a setback, then we’ll have to adjust accordingly.”

Shanahan is making the right call here and RGIII needs to simply accept what his coach is telling him to do and move on, especially considering how last season ended.

The best case scenario for the Redskins is Griffin takes the field week 1, looks like the player who electrified the NFL for the majority of last season, and everybody wins.

If not, it will be intriguing to see how the Griffin-Shanahan feud progresses.

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