Same Old Sanchez

17 Aug

Mark Sanchez had an opportunity to run away with the starting quarterback position in tonight’s pre-season game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he failed to take advantage.

Here was Sanchez’s final stat line after playing 3 quarters:

13/23 169 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 76.2 Rating

Sanchez’s 13/23 outing comes out to a 56 percent completion percentage, 1 point higher than his career average. Not much improvement in that department.

In the red zone, Sanchez was especially “brutal”, a word that Rex Ryan uses for Geno Smith, but has never used for Mark Sanchez.

In the beginning of the 2nd quarter, the Jets were driving and had a 1st and goal at the 5-yard line situation. Sanchez threw an incompletion, Chris Ivory then ran for 2 yards to the 3, and on the 3rd down play Sanchez tried to force a throw to Kellen Winslow and was intercepted.

That’s the one thing that can’t happen, especially considering how little margin for error this Jets offense has. The Jets have to, have to walk away with points in that spot. Instead, they got nothing.

Just before the end of the first half, the Jaguars muffed a punt and Konrad Reuland recovered it at the 3-yard line. So Sanchez was given a golden opportunity. First and goal at the 3 yard line doesn’t get much better than that.

On the first down play, Sanchez had Clyde Gates wide open, with no one in sight, and Sanchez ended up throwing an incompletion. With 6 seconds left in the half, and no timeouts, Sanchez made his best case for why Geno Smith should start week 1 against Tampa Bay.

What you’re supposed to do is get rid of the ball quickly, and if the number 1 option isn’t open, you throw it away and settle for the field goal. Sanchez’s first option was no where to be found, so he tried to extend the play, the clock expired, and Sanchez threw an incompletion.

It’s called clock management, and Sanchez failed to display he knew the situation, and that’s completely unacceptable. That’s quarterbacking 101 and for a guy entering his 5th season, it’s very concerning Sanchez made such a rookie mistake.

On 2 first and goal opportunities, Sanchez came away with ZERO points. Yes he flashed at times including an opening 58-yard touchdown drive ending with a 23-yard touchdown pass to Jeff Cumberland.

But he’s always flashed throughout his 4-year run as Jets quarterback, and always makes bonehead decisions that kill the Jets chances.

In Sanchez’s 3 quarters of work, nothing much changed. It was the “Same ‘Old Sanchez”, and that’s not going to cut it for the Jets.

One of the scariest scenes of the game was CBS Sideline reporter Otis Livingston interviewing Sanchez in the games final moments and Sanchez said he quote “thought it went well” and seemed satisfied with his performance.

He also mentioned the could have thrown his red-zone pick in a better spot, gee you think, and didn’t say anything about his terrible clock management at the end of the first half.

The Jets ended up blowing away the Jaguars on the scoreboard 37-13 to improve to 1-1 in the pre-season.

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