A-Rod Beaned on 3-0 Pitch by Dempster, Girardi Ejected

18 Aug

On the first pitch of Alex Rodriguez’s second inning at-bat, Ryan Dempster threw behind him with A-Rod barely getting out of the way.

Dempster missed on the next 2 pitches to fall behind 3-0. On the 3-0 pitch, Dempster drilled A-Rod on the upper back.

Home plate umpire Brian O’Nora immediately warned both benches, but didn’t eject Dempster resulting in Yankees manager Joe Girardi exploded out of the dugout.

Girardi never looked so angry in his life and was absolutely livid Dempster wasn’t ejected. He threw his hat to the ground leading to his ejection from the game. The Yankees went on to score 2 runs in the inning to tie the game, which is the ultimate payback.

Here’s the video:

The fact that Dempster wasn’t ejected immediately after hitting A-Rod is absurd. With Red Sox fans cheering “Cheater”, and everyone in baseball hating on A-Rod, it took Dempster 2 attempts to hit him, and the 2nd attempt came on a 3-0 pitch.

Dempster should have been ejected, and should get suspended for what he did. He can say it was unintentional, but everyone knows it was blatant.

Major League Baseball should also step in to discipline Brian O’Nora for not handling the situation properly.

Dwight Gooden said it best on twitter:

So it took almost 2 weeks, but someone finally “stepped up” and hit A-Rod.

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