A-Rod’s Perfect Revenge Home Run

19 Aug

After being intentionally drilled by Ryan Dempster during last night’s game, and after being serenaded by “cheater” chants and being booed constantly, Alex Rodriguez got his revenge in the top of the 6th inning crushing a 2nd pitch fastball over the dead center field wall silencing a capacity Fenway Park crowd.

Here’s the Video of the Home-Run:

A-Rod’s 2nd home-run of the season was the epiphany of epic. The ball traveled 446 feet, making it the longest home-run hit by a Yankee this season. That was just the beginning.

The trot around the bases was gold. Rodriguez was screaming the entire time saying, “That’s what I’m **** talking about!!” He was pumping his fist, and high-fiving the 1st and 3rd base coaches harder than normal.

Then when he got to home, he stopped, and pointed to the sky for a good couple of seconds before running back to the Yankees dugout. That was the best part, when all of Fenway Park was forced to watch A-Rod in all his glory standing on home plate after hitting a home-run.

What a better way to deal with all the adversity A-Rod’s facing than to spark your team to a win, and that’s exactly what A-Rod did going 3/4 with 2 RBIs and 2 runs scored.

Following the home-run, which made the score 6-4, the Yankees went on to score 3 more runs in the inning due to a Brett Gardner bases clearing triple. New York took a 7-6 lead, and would win the game 9-6. Ryan Dempster ended up taking the loss.

A-Rod spoke about his home-run after the game saying: “I had 15 teammates tell me to hit a [bleeping] bomb and walk it off. They were [ticked] off and so was I. It was awesome, the ultimate payback.”

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