Jets Extraordinarily Complicated QB Situation

23 Aug

The majority answer among Jets fans when asked who the team should start at quarterback to start the season is very likely Geno Smith, as it should be. Mark Sanchez hasn’t progressed much at all, and continues to make the same mistakes he’s made his whole career.

In the Jets last pre-season game against Jacksonville, it was evident Sanchez hasn’t taken one step forward.

Throwing a red-zone interception is unacceptable, and don’t even get me started on Sanchez letting the clock run out before the half ended costing the Jets 3 points. That can’t happen, and that’s why Mark Sanchez should no longer be the quarterback of the future for the Jets.

However, the Jets first 2 regular season games are brutal. The team plays 2 games in five days, with the 2nd game happening in one of the hardest places to win a game, in Foxborough.

As much as Jets fans want Geno Smith to start the season at quarterback, it wouldn’t be very fair to throw Smith into the fire like that.

If Smith does start those first 2 games, it could snowball on him pretty quickly and ruin his confidence going forward. Considering he would only be playing one half, and one series most likely in the pre-season, throwing a guy into the fire like that isn’t very productive.

That would mean it would be Sanchez, not Smith starting the first 2 games of the season, as infuriated as Jets Nation would get.

After Sanchez starts the first 2 games, then the Jets can re-evaluate the quarterback situation with 10 days off until a week 3 match-up against the Bills.

The question that GM John Idzik, and Rex Ryan and company have to make is would it be the best decision for the team to have Geno Smith start the season at quarterback playing 2 games in five days?

The answer unfortunately is no, and the best decision for the Jets would be to have Sanchez start the season at quarterback. As bad as that sounds.

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