2013 NFL Season Predictions

03 Sep

The 2013 NFL season is upon us with the Broncos facing off against the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens from Denver, not Baltimore because the Orioles refused to change the time of their game.

But that’s besides the point. Here’s how this NFL season will ultimately go down:


1. Patriots
2. Dolphins
3. Jets
4. Bills

1. Bengals
2. Ravens
3. Steelers
4. Browns

1. Texans
2. Colts
3. Titans
4. Jaguars

1. Broncos
2. Chiefs
3. Chargers
4. Raiders (Oakland may go 0-16)

Playoff Seeding
1. Broncos
2. Patriots
3. Texans
4. Bengals
5. Ravens
6. Colts

Conference Championship Result:
Broncos over Patriots


1. Redskins
2. Giants
3. Cowboys
4. Eagles

1. Packers
2. Lions
3. Vikings
4. Bears

1. Falcons
2. Saints
3. Panthers
4. Buccaneers

1. 49ers
2. Seahawks
3. Cardinals
4. Rams

Playoff Seeding
1. 49ers
2. Falcons
3. Packers
4. Redskins
5. Saints
6. Giants

Conference Championship Result
Falcons over Saints


NFL Coach of the Year
Andy Reid
NFL Executive of the Year
John Elway
Offensive Rookie of the Year
Eddie Lacy
Defensive Rookie of the Year
Sheldon Richardson
Offensive Player of the Year
Peyton Manning
Defensive Player of the Year
Patrick Willis
Peyton Manning

Super Bowl
Broncos over Falcons

Last season ended in heart breaking fashion for the Denver Broncos when Joe Flacco chucked a hail mary that some how found the hands of Jacoby Jones who took it in for a touchdown to tie the game. Baltimore went on to win the game in double overtime.
This season however, Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense is stronger than ever. A receiving core of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and the addition of the best slot receiver in the game Wes Welker makes Denver’s passing attack lethal. The rushing attack isn’t great, but should be just good enough to pose a threat. Good luck to opposing defenses who have any aspirations of stopping this offense, because they can keep on dreaming.

The Broncos defense took a hit losing Elvis Dumervil to Baltimore, as well as losing Von Miller for the first 6 games. Since Denver is going to be putting up a ton of points, that gives the defense an advantage since opposing offenses will be forced to throw the ball a lot. That means Denver can dial up the blitz big time resulting in Champ Bailey and Dominique Rodgers Cromartie making a major impact.

The Broncos are an unstoppable offensive force and I predict Peyton walks out of his Eli’s stadium with his 2nd Super Bowl championship.

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