Johnny Football: One of a Kind

03 Sep

Johnny Manziel is truly one of a kind. There is probably no one else in college football that could get away with what Johnny Football did. He blatantly signed thousands of autographs on multiple occasions, and all he gets is a 30 minute suspension.

The only reason he even got suspended was because Texas A&M suggested the penalty. The NCAA apparently had no evidence on Manziel to punish him, which is pretty remarkable.

AJ Green was suspended for 4 games in 2010 after he sold one, just one autographed jersey.

If he really signed autographs for free that many times, he would be a saint for being such a giving person. Based on his actions since winning the Heisman, he doesn’t really fit that description.

So Johnny Football gets suspended for the first half against Rice, then proceeds to throw 3 touchdowns in the only quarter he plays. While doing so, he taunted the NCAA by making money and autograph gestures.

The NCAA couldn’t have been too happy with that, but it didn’t matter because Manziel got away with it. How or why he gets away with it is mind-boggling.

He missed the fourth quarter after Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin benched Manziel for taunting a Rice University player.

What a bizarre couple of months its been for Manziel. He’s been arguably the most scrutinized athlete in all of sports, gets suspended by the NCAA and benched by his coach for taunting other players, and the only opportunity he gets to play, he doesn’t just play well, he obliterates the competition.

Granted it was Rice, which isn’t your typical college football powerhouse. But still, it’s almost funny the way this situation is playing out.

Everyone is angry with him, yet all he does is dominate on Saturday’s. Is there anyone else in sports that can say that?

Texas A&M’s next game is Saturday against Sam Houston State, which will be followed by what could be the game of the year in college football when Alabama rolls into College Station.

And you can be sure the most one of kind player in all of the NCAA, college football’s anti-hero, will be ready.

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