Yanks Shouldn’t Retaliate…With Starting Pitchers

05 Sep

It’s the Yankees and the Red Sox squaring off in a 4-game series beginning tonight at Yankee Stadium. Many are expecting the Yankees starter Ivan Nova to throw at David Ortiz early in the game in response to what Ryan Dempster did to Alex Rodriguez a few weeks ago, which was blatantly intentional. The fact that Dempster essentially got away with that is shocking.

While it would dramatically add to the rivalry, and the media would love every aspect of the retaliation, the reality is these games are too important for the Yankees to risk having Nova, or any of the teams starting pitchers ejected early in the game.

It’s not that the Yankees aren’t defending its players, or that the team doesn’t like A-Rod, it’s that winning is the biggest priority right now with the Yankees sitting 2 games behind the Rays for the 2nd Wild Card spot.

Now if the Yankees do want to retaliate, this is the way it should go down. Either the Yankees are winning big, or the game is out of hand, and you bring in Joba Chamberlain with his 97 mph fastball to throw up and in at Ortiz.

Joba likely ends up getting ejected, and maybe even suspended for retaliating, but it’s absolutely worth it because he’s been so ineffective that it wouldn’t matter much if he wasn’t available for a few games. If Joba did this, Yankees fans may also start liking him again, and it help Joba return to form.

It’s unknown what the Yankees plans are, and all the drama begins tonight at 7pm.

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One response to “Yanks Shouldn’t Retaliate…With Starting Pitchers

  1. Allen Robertson

    09/05/2013 at 12:45 pm

    It would be hypocritical of Joe Girardi to have one of his guys throw at a Boston player after his press conference during the Dempster-Arod drama.


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