Ex Jet, Patriots Cornerback Ty Law Rips Jets

07 Sep

In an interview with Sports Illustrated about his longtime friendship with Darrelle Revis, former Jet and Patriots cornerback Ty Law took the time to rip the New York Jets.

Here’s what Law said, specifically talking about Darrelle Revis and the Jets receiving core:

“I don’t think the Jets team or the receivers are even worthy of him (Revis) coming out for this game. He could’ve had the bad knee and covered these guys. He should sit out this game (tomorrow against the Jets) and wait to make a real splash. He is absolutely the best and wants to play the best, and I think you’re going to get the best out of him if he respects the other guy. But I don’t think he respects anybody on the Jets and then — you never know — what are they even playing for? I mean, they’re the type of team that might wanna get [him] hurt or try to take him out or something like that. So, I wouldn’t even play him because they’re not worthy.”

Wow, talk about a burn.

So the Jets receivers aren’t “worthy” of Darrelle Revis, according to Law. Sure the Jets receiving core isn’t very talented, but to say that they’re not worthy of playing against Revis is comical.

Following that, he said that Revis could cover the Jets receivers with his bad knee, which would likely translate to him being able to cover the receivers with a torn ACL. That would be excellent for the Jets. If Revis re-tears his ACL from now until 1pm tomorrow, then we could put Law’s comments to the test.

You can bet he wouldn’t be able to stick with any receiver with a torn ACL and the Jets would benefit tremendously. That statement by Law again, is comical.

He goes on to say that the Jets are the type of team that would want to take Revis out of the game. As someone that’s been watching every single Jets game for the last 10 years, I’ve never seen the Jets try to take someone out of a game intentionally. The only time I’ve seen a big hit that took a player out of a game was Mo Lewis taking Drew Bledsoe out back in 2001. Every Jets fan knows how that turned out.

So what Law’s inferring is the Jets, like the New Orleans Saints under Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, put bounties on players the team doesn’t like, which is a serious allegation.

If that was the case, I’m sure the Jets would have knocked Tom Brady out of a game, something that’s never happened when he’s played against the Jets.

The last thing he said was the Bucs should rest Revis and not play him tomorrow. As a competitor, this is Revis’s chance to stick it to the Jets for trading him away. You would think he would be targeting this as his statement game, that he’s back to his old dominant form.

But Law thinks he should sit out. Please.

Ty Law can say whatever he wants, and he was arguably the best cornerback in the NFL during his prime and was a cornerstone of 3 Patriots championships. But these remarks have absolutely no merit and are flat out disrespectful.

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