Blame Mornhinweg for Loss? No Way

15 Sep

The New York Jets let one slip through the teams fingers Thursday night in Foxborough. The Patriots offense looked as bad as its has in the Brady era, and the Jets couldn’t take advantage.

Following the game, critics of the Jets are once again quickly blaming the offensive coordinator for the loss. When the Jets lost in 2011, it was all Brian Schottenheimers fault, last year it was Tony Sparanos fault, and on Thursday night it was Marty Mornhinweg’s fault.

ESPN’s Mike and Mike co-host and Jets fan Mike Greenberg expressed his feelings on twitter after the game on who he felt was to blame for the loss.

Greenberg has a good point. Chris Ivory was tearing up the Patriots defense through 3 quarters, but he only had 1 carry in the 4th quarter when Geno threw 3 interceptions, including 1 deep in Patriots territory that ended a potential game-tying field goal opportunity.

Maybe if the Jets would have run the ball more in the 4th quarter, the team would have had a better chance to win. But to blame the loss once again on the offensive coordinator is ridiculous. It’s time to start holding the players accountable for not getting the job done.

Was it Marty Mornhinweg’s fault Clyde Gates couldn’t hold onto what would have been a touchdown that instead resulted in a field goal? If Gates catches that ball, the Jets get an additional 4 points that would have been the difference in the game.

Was it Mornhinweg’s fault Stephen Hill fumbled, and Devin McCourtey returned it all the way to the Jets 8-yard line leading to a Patriots field goal?

Was it Mornhinweg’s fault Geno Smith severely under-threw a potential touchdown pass to Clyde Gates in the 4th quarter?

Was it Mornhinweg’s fault the Jets receivers couldn’t catch the ball if their lives depended on it?

The fact that there are those putting the loss solely on the offensive coordinator is asinine and something that has become way too common in Jets culture.

If the players did what they get paid to do, not drop the ball and execute, the Jets would have won and everyone would have been happy.

But when the Jets lose and you need a reason why, simply blame the offensive coordinator.

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