Wild, Wild Card

19 Sep

With just 11 days left in the regular season, the race for the AL Wild Card is still wide open. If the season ended today, Texas and Tampa Bay would be the two American League Wild cards. Both teams are tied in the standings, but Tampa Bay has one less loss than Texas meaning the one game playoff would be played at beautiful Tropicana Field.

The Rangers have been struggling mightily though losing 8 of the teams past 10 games making manager Ron Washington very concerned about his once stable job.

After Texas and Tampa Bay, the Cleveland Indians are just a half game back with a record of 82-70. Baltimore is a half-game back of Cleveland with a record of 81-70.

The Yankees and the Royals are still in it too, each 2.5 games out with records of 80-72. That’s why these remaining 11 days are going to be a crazy roller-coaster ride.

Of all the teams currently in the race, the Rays appear to be the team most likely to make it in large part because of the teams excellent pitching staff and recent hot play.

The Rangers are in the midst of collapsing and it appears there may not be enough time to get back on the winning track.

The Indians are right in there too and have a brutally easy schedule over the next 10 days. It would almost be a surprise if Cleveland didn’t get in. The Indians schedule consists of 4 games against the 100-loss Astros, the dreadful While Sox, and the Twins, arguably the 3 worst teams in the American League. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The Orioles have a much tougher schedule, but could benefit playing the Red Sox for the last 3 games when Boston would be resting its starters in perpetration for the Division Series. Overall, Baltimore has 4 games left with Boston, 3 with Toronto, and an unbelievably crucial 4-game set with the Rays that could change everything.

The Yankees, like the Indians have a favorable schedule with match-ups against the disappointing Giants, the Astros, and 3 with the Rays. If the Yankees take care of business against San Francisco and Houston, and then win at a minimum 2 out of 3 against Tampa, the Yankees could sneak in.

The Royals are in the same spot as the Yankees, but may be too much of an inexperienced team to deal with such high pressure games. Kansas City has 3 with Texas, another key series, and then finish with 3 against Seattle, and 4 against the White Sox. Those are certainly winnable games, but whether KC can deal with the pressure remains to be seen.

No one really knows what’s going to happen though, so everyone should enjoy these next 11 days, because it’s going to be one bumpy ride.

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