A-Rod on Biogenesis: I was Duped

02 Oct

Alex Rodriguez is pulling a Barry Bonds in his case against Anthony Boesch’s Biogenesis. A-Rod is claiming that he didn’t know the supplements given to him by Boesch were illegal, according to the New York Daily News.

This sounds way too familiar because Barry Bonds did the same exact thing when being questioned about his involvement with the BALCO drug lab in the San Francisco area claiming he didn’t know that what he was doing was illegal. Remember the clear and the cream?

It’s comical to think that these players actually are coming out saying they didn’t know what they were putting in their bodies. You would have a hard time convincing me that these players would just listen to a drug dealing “doctor” and do exactly what he says without looking into it further.

Like Bonds, Rodriguez will have his army of lawyers with him doing anything and everything possible to over-turn his pending 211-game suspension and may even succeed.

Rodriguez was the only player to appeal his suspension for his involvement with Biogenesis. The 13 other players accepted their suspensions right away which doesn’t look good for A-Rod attacking Boesch’s credibility which is what he intends to do.

The appeal is far from over and it could take months before a decision is finally reached.

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