Take ’em Trash ’em: Yankees Edition

03 Oct

The New York Yankees missed the post-season for just the 2nd time since 1993. The 2013 Yankees season was never really able to get going for real until late July with the return of Alex Rodriguez and the acquisition of Alfonso Soriano.

But once the offense got into full swing, the pitching staff fell apart and the Yankees lost 9 of 12 games after being as close as 1 game back for the 2nd AL Wild Card spot in mid September.

Now comes the time where the Yankees have a lot of decisions to make on who to keep, and who to get rid of. Here’s what I think the Yankees should do:
Joe Girardi
Joe Girardi is getting tons and tons of credit for keeping the Yankees in contention for as long as they were, maybe a little too much credit. Either way, Girardi is a solid manager the Yankees should try to retain, but if the Cubs want to give him other worldly amounts of money, that wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.
Robinson Cano
HE WANTS HOW MUCH MONEY??? $305 million dollars?? Yes, that is what Robinson Cano’s initial offer to the Yankees was. 10-years, and $305 million dollars, which would be the largest contract in MLB history. In no way does Cano deserve that type of money, but the Yankees should try to keep him, at a fair price.
Alfonso Soriano
Although the Yankees missed the playoffs, it had nothing to do with the play of Robinson Cano who was arguably the best player in baseball after being traded back to the Bronx. In 58 games in New York, Soriano hit 17 home-runs, and drove in 50. Soriano can still play and the Yankees would be wise to bring him back.
Hiroki Kurdoa
Kuroda was dominant from April through July, but only had 1 win total in August and September. In both months his ERA was over 5.10 and while Kuroda did everything possible to keep the team in it in the first half, his end of season collapse was a major factor as to why the Yankees missed the playoffs. He’s also turning 39 next season.
Phil Hughes
It’s over for Hughes in New York. He couldn’t get anyone out and needs to leave the Bronx ASAP. A move to the National League would be best and he could be a solid pitcher there.
Joba Chamberlain
Like Hughes, Joba’s time in New York is over. He still has electric stuff, but opposing hitters see the ball very well, too well.
Curtis Granderson
2013 was a lost season for Granderson. He was only able to play in 61 games and never really got going. He hit .229 with 7 home-runs, and the Yankees should be able to bring him back on a one-year deal where Granderson will have tons to prove.
Ichiro Suziki
A lot was expected of Ichiro who signed a 2-year deal to remain with the Yankees last off-season. In 150 games, he hit .262 with 7 home-runs and ended up getting benched in the stretch run. He’s under contract for 2014, but it would be best for the Yankees to move on.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds has the ability to hit a home-run every time he comes to bat and is a very versatile fielder. He can play third, first, second, and shortstop if need be. The Yankees shouldn’t rely on Reynolds to start, but he bring tons of value to the team.
Lyle Overbay
Overbay did his best filling in for Mark Teixeira, but got overexposed. Unlike Reynolds, Overbay can only play first base and hit against righties. It’s not worth playing him at DH because there isn’t much upside there. Time to move on.
Travis Hafner
The Pronx Bomber’s experiment was an utter failure, from May through September. Hafner is the least valuable player in baseball because he can’t run, field, throw, or hit against lefties. The only thing he can do is play DH and sometimes turns around a fastball.

Agree or Disagree?

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