Hey Rex: Move on, Beat Pittsburgh

09 Oct

The Jets just beat the Atlanta Falcons in a game few if any gave them a legitimate chance to win. The win improved the team to 3-2, one game behind the New England Patriots in the AFC East.

It was a great win, no doubt about it. But the Jets need to move on to this Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers because if the end result isn’t a victory, all of a sudden the Atlanta game means very little and the Jets have to face the Patriots the following week.

Since the win, head coach Rex Ryan has been talking about how ESPN ranked the Jets dead last in their pre-season power rankings and how many doubters the Jets have.

This here is the biggest problem with Rex Ryan, he gets so hyped up and excited after the Jets get a big win, he gets carried away and the team loses concentration on what really matters, playing good football.

Instead of venting about how many people doubted him and his team, (why he’s so consumed about it is a bad sign in the first place) he should talk about the upcoming game against the Steelers, because that is what matters.

Even some the players are venting, including linebacker Calvin Pace:

“For whatever reason, everybody wants to crack jokes on us and say: The Jets aren’t going to do this, the Jets aren’t going to do that. I don’t think anybody forgot about ESPN picked us dead last.”

News flash, the Jets didn’t win anything. Defeating the Falcons on Monday night in week 5 didn’t send the Jets to the franchise’s 2nd Super Bowl, it didn’t clinch a championship, it didn’t clinch the teams first home-playoff game since 2002, all it did was improve the team to 3-2, that’s it.

Once you actually win the Super Bowl, then you can vent about all the people who told you that you had no chance and to look at you now.

But right here right now, the Jets need to come back to planet Earth, stop getting so carried away with themselves, and focus on the Steelers because beating Pittsburgh on Sunday should be the only thing on Rex Ryan’s mind, NOTHING else.

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