Garrard Back With Jets

10 Oct

So much for David Garrard’s retirement due to chronic knee pain because the 35-year-old quarterback is back with the New York Jets, the team announced today.

Garrard will be placed on the exempt list for 2 weeks, and he can return after that.

There was a time in April, and into May where Garrard was expected to compete and win the starting quarterback job. But those hopes faded fast when Garrard felt that the pain in his knee was too great for him to continue playing in the NFL, so he retired. The plan was to cut Mark Sanchez in training camp, and have rookie Geno Smith sit on the bench to start the season.

After Garrard retired, a competition ensued between Sanchez and Geno that ended with Sanchez tearing ligaments in his shoulder ending his season allowing Geno to become the week 1 starter.

Now, 5 months later, Garrard says, “I feel great. I just needed the rest.”

Obviously now, there’s no way Garrard is a serious threat to taking Geno Smith’s job. What the Garrard move says is that the team feels he gives the team a better chance to win than Brady Quinn god forbid something happens to Geno. The team likely also felt having a veteran quarterback around couldn’t hurt either.

Just another day in Jet-land.

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