David Ortiz Starting at First: What It Means

26 Oct

As the World Series heads to St. Louis, the Boston Red Sox couldn’t take the bat of David Ortiz out of the lineup, so Manager John Farrell is starting the 37-year-old at first base.

Ortiz only played 6 games the entire season at first, and hasn’t played more than 10 games in any season at first since 2004.

In his career, Ortiz has played 263 games there, and in those games has a 99 percent fielding percentage to go along with 21 errors.

Those numbers are deceiving because Ortiz has a highly questionable throwing arm and is painfully slow.

With Ortiz starting, the Red Sox had to make the decision to sit the player that could be the teams MVP this post-season in Mike Napoli. Napoli has had clutch hit after clutch hit for the Sox including a huge 3-run double that got the Sox going in game one.

There’s a pretty good chance that he will pinch hit at some point during the game.

The Cardinals now have an interesting predicament on their hands. They can try to expose Ortiz at first as much as possible by bunting towards first base, and try to put him in as many situations where he has to make a play as possible.

However, it’s probably a better idea for the Cardinals to stick to what got them to the World Series. If St. Louis suddenly changes its approach, its offense could suddenly become stagnant and the team can’t afford to have that happen in the Fall Classic.

Either way, it’s sure to be an intriguing storyline to watch as Ortiz grabs his glove for only the 7th time this season.

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