Cano to Seattle

06 Dec

Robinson Cano and the Seattle Mariners have come to terms on a 10-year contract worth $240 million dollars, according to ESPN. The deal is pending a physical.

It was reported earlier Friday that talks between Cano and the Mariners had broken off after Jay-Z changed from wanting a 9-year, to a 10-year deal. Both sides re-convened later in the day and came to an agreement.

Cano’s contract is tied with Albert Pujols’s for the 3rd largest in the history of Major League Baseball.

What this move says for Seattle is that the Mariners are going for it all. With Felix Hernandez locked up long-term, and now Cano on board, the Mariners are looking to once again be a legitimate threat in the AL West.

Seattle had fallen off significantly since the early 2000s, with Oakland, Texas, and Anaheim splitting time atop the division.

The contact however, is a risky one with mega-contracts having a recent history of not working out. Alex Rodriguez, Pujols, and Josh Hamilton’s quickly come to mind as deals teams would like to have back. Cano will be 41 when his contract expires in 2024.

For the Yankees, it’s understandable how people don’t know why Brian Cashman gave Jacoby Ellsbury 7-years and $153 million, and wouldn’t give Cano a slightly bigger deal.

Cano is a far more productive and durable player than Ellsbury has ever been. But to defend the Yankees, Cano doesn’t rise to the occasion. He’s a career .222 post-season hitter, and had a historically bad 0-26 streak in the 2012 playoffs.

The Yankees couldn’t match what Seattle offered, and that was the ultimate reason why Cano is going to the Pacific Northwest.

This move gives the Yankees a ton of financial flexibility and one less player to worry about breaking down well before their contract runs out.

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