Jets Fans Can’t Trust Woody

18 Dec

It’s evident that sweeping changes must take place for the New York Jets over the off-season.

Rex Ryan needs to be fired, Santonio Holmes should never play another down for the team, and GM John Idzik has to bring in several playmakers on offense as well as rebuild what was once one of the NFL’s best secondaries.

There’s just one pretty big problem, and it’s the fact that Woody Johnson is calling the shots.

Rex should have been fired last year, and everyone knew it, besides Johnson. It was time, the team was no longer responding to Rex, and for the 2nd consecutive year, the Jets would not be playing into January.

The 2013 season was doomed from the start, and sticking with Rex for one more year was a flat out waste of time. There was no way with the way the roster was set up that the Jets would seriously compete for the playoffs from start to finish, and they didn’t.

Along with Rex’s inability to make proper in game adjustments, he’s also way too attached to his former over the hill Baltimore Ravens players. Think Derrick Mason who was supposed to catch 90 passes only to not even last 5 weeks into the 2011 season, and Ed Reed who was supposed to be the final piece of the puzzle for the Jets.

After Justin Tucker’s 61-yard field goal on Monday night, the Jets were eliminated from the playoffs for the 3rd straight year, the longest such streak for the team since the mid-1990s.

Since Woody didn’t fire Rex when he clearly should have, why should any Jets fan believe that he will all of a sudden make the right move??

After all, this is the same guy that said on the record that he would have rather seen Mitt Romney win the Presidential election than the Jets win the Super Bowl, something that hasn’t happened in over 40 years.

Johnson agreed that the team should give Mark Sanchez a contract extension, only to bring in Tim Tebow a short time later just to bring unnecessary attention to the team.

Johnson is the reason why the Jets had so much trouble finding a GM last season, before settling for John Idzik. The new GM had to AGREE to retain Rex as head coach, which is the most preposterous demand ever made by an owner of a professional franchise.

Johnson is the reason why the Jets are going to have an even harder time finding an adequate head coach because of Johnson’s reputation as self-centered and an attention grabber.

Bill Cowher would be a great fit for the Jets, but Johnson is the sole reason why Cowher will never be the teams coach.

This is from a 2009 Daily News article when the Jets were courting Cowher to replace Eric Mangini:

Cowher withdrew from consideration – several hours after agreeing to speak with the Jets – because he was told Johnson was out of the country and wasn’t immediately available

Cowher would bring instant credibility, and a winning mentality to the Jets, but he refuses to work for Woody Johnson. Who can blame him?

So as the Jets enter yet another off-season where major changes are necessary, just remember that Woody Johnson is the one making the decisions.

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