Most Priceless Moment of 2013: A-Rod’s Revenge Game

29 Dec

Many around Major League Baseball were not happy when Alex Rodriguez was allowed to return to the Yankees after he appealed his 214-game suspension.

Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster let A-Rod know how he felt about it when he hit Rodriguez on a 3-0 pitch after he missed hitting him on the first pitch of an at-bat during an August game on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

Two at-bats later, A-Rod got his revenge drilling not just any home-run, but a 446-foot bomb into the center-field bleachers at Fenway Park.

As he was running the bases, A-Rod took the time in classic fashion to curse off Ryan Dempster and all of Red Sox nation.


It’s clear what A-Rod is saying here

A-Rod went on to have a monster game and was the key in a 9-6 Yankee win. The fact that A-Rod hit a home-run and was such a major part of the Yankees coming back to win that game after what happened makes this the most priceless moment of 2013.

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