Jets Should Forget Johnny and Get Sammy

04 Jan

New York Post columnist Steve Serby wrote earlier in the week that the New York Jets should do whatever it takes to go get Johnny Manziel.

Serby talked about the brand Manziel has created, the brand of “Johnny Football”. He talked about how Manziel led Texas A&M from a 31-17 halftime deficit to defeat Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl 52-48, how he’s box office (We all know how much Woody Johnson loves box office), the Tom Brady esq. passion he shows on the sideline, and how Mel Kiper believes he’s a better prospect than Geno Smith. Serby said if he were John Idzik, he would trade the Jets two third round picks, along with the 18th pick in the draft (assuming Darrelle Revis stays with the Buccaneers), to move up to get Manziel.

Let me just say that as intriguing as it sounds, the last thing the Jets should be doing is looking to draft Johnny Manziel. The Jets have way too many other areas, like I don’t know, wide receiver and tight end, that need to be addressed.

If Idzik hadn’t drafted Geno Smith last year, then we could be having this conversation. Only then could Jets nation dream of having Johnny Football under center.

For the record, I was never sold on Geno coming out of West Virginia and was willing to wait for a better option (ie Manziel) in this year’s draft. They didn’t and now should see what Geno can do with a legitimate supporting cast.

Serby’s idea of trading those 2 third round picks (one if you can) along with the 18th pick in the draft does make sense though, and the Jets should do whatever it takes to trade up into the top 10 and get Sammy Watkins. There’s no way, after the Jets played their hearts out the last 2 weeks of the season, that Watkins will fall to them.

Watkins re-affirmed during last night’s Orange Bowl how special he can be in the NFL. Watkins set the Orange Bowl record for receptions with 16, and receiving yards with 227 to go along with 2 touchdowns in Clemson’s 40-35 win over Ohio State.

Watkins is a flat out game-breaker. He has the speed to beat you down the field, in the screen game, in the slot, and the leaping ability to beat you in the red-zone. Watkins can turn a simple 5-yard catch, and turn it into a 65-yard touchdown, which is an element the Jets haven’t had, maybe ever. He has the potential to be yes I said it, the best receiver in the history of the Jets.

So John Idzik, the opportunity to give Geno Smith a dominant offensive weapon is there, and you should do anything and everything to make Sammy Watkins a Jet.

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