Anthony Bosch ’60 Minutes’ Interview Reaction

13 Jan

The biggest story in the sports world on Sunday was not the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, it was Biogenisis founder Anthony Bosch sitting down with Scott Pelly in a tell all interview about his relationship with Alex Rodriguez on ’60 Minutes’.

The interview came in the aftermath of Major League Baseball’s decision to suspend Rodriguez for 162 games – all of the 2014 season, due to his relationship with Bosch. Here were my reactions after watching this spectacle unfold:

MLB’s Drug Testing is way, way, way, behind

We all know that the cheaters are always ahead of testing, but I had no idea how far ahead they really were. A-Rod would take PEDs in lozenge/gummy form just before taking the field on game-day, and by the time the game was over, he would pass a drug test. Are you kidding me? If someone could take a steroid, and then 4 hours later pass a test in flying colors, I would have never believed you. But it’s out there, and who knows how many other players engage in these activities.

Bosch is shady, yet credible

Anthony Bosch is notorious for his lies. Immediately after he was caught, ESPN’s Pedro Gomez ran into him on the street and Bosch claimed he knew nothing about PEDs and was simply a nutritionist. It’s curious that Bosch never had a second of medical training, and these professional athletes would listen to him like he was some brilliant doctor. You would also think that he would want more than the $12,000 dollars a month Rodriguez paid Bosch to provide him with PEDs.

During the interview last night, I couldn’t help but believe what he was saying. You saw the text messages exchanged between him and Rodriguez, the code words to disguise any talk of steroids, how A-Rod would text him saying he felt really good about the protocol Bosch had given him. Bosch’s story about A-Rod being afraid of needles and having to inject Rodriguez himself makes sense. At one point, in order to see if the protocol was working properly, A-Rod has Bosch meet him in the restroom of a Miami nightclub to take his blood and see if it would show any signs of steroids.

Then after Bosch became known, A-Rod did everything in his power to make sure Bosch wouldn’t say a word. Rodriguez offered him hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet, wanted to send Bosch to Columbia until the talk of him went away, and even had his associates threaten to take Bosch’s life. I mean, if there was someone out there who had the ability to completely ruin your whole reputation and life for that matter, it only makes sense that someone like A-Rod would go to the extent that he went to to keep Bosch from doing what he ended up doing: ratting out A-Rod.

The one thing I didn’t believe 100 percent was Bosch’s claim that EVERYONE is on PEDs.

A-Rod = Extremely Guilty

There is no one willing to do anything and everything to be viewed as the best more than Alex Rodriguez. Bosch’s story on A-Rod made too much sense. He knew Manny Ramirez was doing something after at the age of 38, was all of a sudden back to putting up major power numbers when it looked like his career was about to be over. When A-Rod met with Bosch for the first time, he wanted to know exactly what Manny was doing so he could continue his pursuit of becoming baseball’s home-run king and the first player ever to hit 800 career home-runs. Bosch allowed A-Rod to come on board, and that’s how the relationship began. The text messages, steroid protocols, and personal meetings followed until Bosch was caught.

About A-Rod’s defense, he has no problem denying ever taking PEDs after his admission prior to the 2009 season. But when it comes time to swear under oath, A-Rod storms out of his arbitration hearing. If he was really innocent, then he should have taken the stand, and denied everything. He should stop telling the public how innocent he is, and tell the judge. That would be the logical thing for an innocent person to do. What A-Rod is doing instead is accusing Major League Baseball of singling him out, which is valid. All you had to do was listen to Bud Selig last night and hear his disgust about what Rodriguez has done.

Major League Baseball looks BAD

If you think Alex Rodriguez is the only bad guy here, you’re wrong. Major League Baseball doesn’t look particularly good here either and here’s why. MLB Chief Operating Officer Rob Manfred got a phone call from some guy named “Bobby” claiming he had Biogenesis documents. Manfred bought those documents for $100,000 dollars and made a 2nd purchase for $25,000 dollars. Talk about not only being desperate, but also being highly unethical. Baseball gets this phone call from some random guy who claims he has exclusive Biogenesis documents and wants to sell them. We’ve never heard a story of a mysterious person who claims to have secret information in an effort to make a few bucks. Not only that, baseball had to go to extremes to get Bosch to talk. They had to pay his legal fees, and his personal security. The sport is protecting a drug dealer, basically pampering him, so that way Major League Baseball can hear what they want to hear. While A-Rod is being bombarded by seemingly everyone, steroid dealer Anthony Bosch seems like he’s Bud Selig and Rob Manfred’s most prized possession.

In the end, all of this look terrible on everyone: Major League Baseball, the Players Association, Anthony Bosch, Alex Rodriguez, and anyone who has ever played the game.

Did you see the interview? What did you think? Leave a comment below.

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