Anthony Bosch’s PEDs Didn’t Work For A-Rod

15 Jan

They didn’t even work!!! If the evidence in Anthony Bosch’s case against Alex Rodriguez is correct, that would infer A-Rod was Bosch’s client from the middle of the 2010 season until Biogenesis was shut down in January of 2013. The 2 years after 2010, the 2011, and 2012 seasons were statistically the worst of A-Rod’s career meaning Anthony Bosch’s PEDs didn’t work for A-Rod.

It’s ironic that in the scandal that officially ruined the career of Alex Rodriguez, the steroids didn’t even help him put up big numbers. He’s getting ripped apart for taking PEDs and they flat out didn’t work.

The 2010 season was a prototypical one for A-Rod. He played in 137 games, hit 30 home-runs, and drove in 125 runs. For most of that season though, he wasn’t a client of Bosch’s.

In 2011 and 2012 though, he was. So let’s take a look at how A-Rod’s numbers those 2 seasons compare to the previous seasons of his career (A-Rod became an everyday player in 1996 after playing in 48 games in 1995):

99 Games Played – fewest of career
16 Home-Runs – fewest of career and first year as an everyday player he hit fewer than 20 home-runs
62 RBIs – fewest of career and first time since 1997 A-Rod didn’t surpass 100 RBIs
103 Hits – fewest of career
.461 Slugging – fewest of career

122 Games Played – 2nd fewest of career
18 Home-Runs – 2nd fewest of career
57 RBIs – Surpasses 2011 for fewest of his career
126 Hits – 2nd fewest of career
.430 Slugging – Surpasses 2011 for fewest of career

Then in 2013, A-Rod was out until the beginning of August following hip surgery.

So as the reputation and career of Alex Rodriguez fall apart gradually, he can’t even hang his hat the PEDs turning him into the player he envisioned in his mind which was a perennial MVP candidate.

It’s similar to a case of someone cheating on a test in school by looking at someone else’s paper, taking down all their answers, and that person ending up getting a bad grade because that person didn’t know anything either ON TOP of also being caught cheating and the consequences associated with it.

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