Alex Rodriguez Now Says MLB Doing Him “Favor”

16 Jan

This has to be a joke. While in Mexico City promoting a gym he’s affiliated with, Alex Rodriguez spoke to the media for the first time since his suspension appeal was rejected and said baseball was doing him a “favor”.

“I think that in the year 2014, the league could have done me a favor because I’ve played 20 years without a timeout. I think 2014 will be a year to rest mentally and physically prepare myself for the future and begin a new chapter of my life. As far as what happens when the suspension ends in 2015, I have 3 years left on my contract starting in 2015 and I hope to play very well and finish my career in New York.”

Whatever happened to A-Rod fighting this to the end, saying he shouldn’t serve one inning of a suspension? Now all of a sudden, A-Rod has finally accepted the punishment Major League Baseball has handed to him and is looking ahead towards 2015? He calls it a favor?? After all that??

What could have happened here was A-Rod may have realized the situation he is in and the chances of him getting his 162-game suspension overturned are highly unlikely and he’s trying to be as positive as possible about everything.

On the other hand, there’s nothing out there saying that A-Rod will drop his lawsuit against the Players Association and Major League Baseball, which he filed on Monday.

Just another day in the life of Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez.

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