“Inside the NFL” Hits it Out of the Park

23 Jan

The January 22, 2013 edition of “Inside the NFL” focused on Championship Sunday in the NFL. Host James Brown, Phil Simms, Chris Collinsworth, and special guest Curtis Martin broke down both games and discussed the first ever cold weather Super Bowl happening at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on February 2nd.

This program interests me for a variety of reasons. One of which is you can see and hear things on “Inside the NFL” that you can’t get anywhere else.

As a result of it’s affiliation with NFL Films, the show brings the viewer one-of-a-kind sights and sounds from the game. Nowhere else can you hear what a coach is saying on the sideline after a big play, or what a player is saying to his opponent to get inside their heads.

During this show, the viewer was able to see Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones, Broncos coach John Fox and linebacker Shaun Phillips, among others, commenting on the game from the sideline and on the field during the AFC Championship Game highlight.

In the NFC Title game highlight, the viewer heard Richard Sherman’s commentary during the game. That was of particular interest due to what he said in his post-game interview. If you’re someone who wants to feel apart of the game, you have to watch “Inside the NFL”.

Along with its trademark NFL Films highlights, Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth bring the show excellent analysis.

Simms made a point that the Seahawks can’t build up the same intensity against the Broncos it showed against the 49ers since there’s not much hatred there. Seattle and San Francisco square off twice every year, while the Broncos rarely ever play the Seahawks.

When watching the Super Bowl, seeing whether Seattle can bring the same intensity and hard-nose play it brought against the 49ers is a valid concern.

Simms, Collinsworth and special guest Curtis Martin then discussed whether the cold-weather Super Bowl was good for the game.

Martin was pretty clear it was due to the opportunities it could bring if the game is successful. If this Super Bowl works, any team would then have the ability host the big-game.

The NFL typically rotates the Super Bowl between Miami, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, and San Diego.

This show is an example of good sports journalism. The NFL Films highlights tell unique stories about the games that occurred the previous weekend.

The host, James Brown, reports on what’s happening in the league, and then there are analysts (former players) that break down and give legitimate takes on those happenings. It’s completely unbiased, and these guys tell you how it is. What more can you ask for?

Grade: A

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