Warren Sapp Says Strahan Shouldn’t be in Hall

28 Jan

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp loves to talk, and throughout his career built himself up as one of the leagues premier trash talkers.

He’s continued that talk in his post-playing career, and today said that Michael Strahan, who’s a finalist for the Pro-Football Hall of Fame and one of the greatest defensive ends to ever play the game, doesn’t belong in Canton.

“I don’t think his résumé stacks up. He only has four straight Pro Bowls and a mythical sack record. When you really measure him up he comes up short,” Sapp told Newday’s Neil Best at Super Bowl Media Day.

What Sapp said is fine, it’s just flat out wrong. Strahan has actually made 7 Pro Bowls, which is the same number of Pro-Bowls Sapp made in his career. Strahan made the All-Pro first team 4 times, also the same amount of times as Sapp. If you are going to make these bold remarks, the least you can do is know your facts.

In his continuing animosity towards Strahan, Sapp thinks Strahan’s sack record is tainted because Brett Favre took a dive on the sack that broke the record.

Strahan has a pretty darn good rebuttal to Sapp’s claim that his sack record is tainted.

“I didn’t have a sack in the first three weeks of the season. So from four weeks on — 13 games, 22-and-a-half sacks. That’s hard to match, and I’ve never spoken like this about it, because I’ve always kind of taken it, but I always have to say, ‘If you don’t like it, then break it,” Strahan said on NFL Network back in October of 2013.

Even if you go back and watch the play, Favre’s play action attempt was completely snubbed out by Strahan and instead of trying to make something out of nothing, he just hit the deck. If Favre didn’t almost “smartly” fall down, Strahan likely ends up with a sack on the play anyway.

Sapp made a complete fool out of himself today, and he shouldn’t make these claims unless he actually has legitimate stats to back them up. Any credibility he had is now gone.

The Pro-Football Hall of Fame class of 2014 will be announced this Saturday, and Strahan is a leading candidate for induction.

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