Mike Francesa vs. Michael Kay Battle Rages On

03 Feb

In the battle of New York sports talk radio supremacy, Michael Kay scored a victory over Mike Francesa when the YES Network dropped Francesa’s WFAN afternoon drive show, in favor of Kay’s ESPN New York radio show.

Today was the first day Kay’s show aired on the YES Network, and he wasted no time taking shots at his counterpart when he threw out a bottle of diet coke to start the show. (For those who don’t know, Mike Francesa was notorious for complaining about bottles being left in his WFAN studio).

If you thought Francesa was just going to let that pass, well, you were wrong. Francesa fought back with a boisterous comment made to Neil Best of Newsday.

“Classless, loser move from two guys I have been burying in the ratings for over a decade.”

Yes, Francesa’s show has higher ratings than Kay’s and the two shows routinely take jabs at one another.

Kay has made a point to say how much better he thinks his show is. He believes his show is funnier, has better interviews, more energy, and is smarter.

Let the battle continue.

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