Hall of Embarrassment

04 Feb

There may not be a bigger joke in sports than Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. From the voting process, to the voters, there are just so many things wrong with it. Ironically, the Hall of Fame’s mission is to “Preserve History” and “Connect Generations”. It fails at both.

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame is supposed to be a museum of the game’s history as stated in its mission, yet a good portion of its voters are choosing to ignore the existence of a significant part of its history, mainly the era known as the “steroid era”. Some of the greatest players to ever play the sport played during that time.

Names like Barry Bonds who might very well be the greatest hitter the sport has ever seen, and Roger Clemens who could be the best right-handed pitcher ever, both have ties to steroids, and are both not in. Bonds, who with 762 home-runs is the most prolific power hitter the sport has ever seen received just 34.7 percent of the vote, less than half of the required 75 percent required for eligibility.

If this trend continues, Bonds will not get in. If he doesn’t, that will mean the Hall of Fame, that’s purpose is to “Preserve History”, and “Connect Generations”, will not include the all-time home-runs leader, or the all-time hits leader in Pete Rose.

Rose was banned from the game for betting on the team he managed, the Cincinnati Reds to win. How does not including Bonds or Rose “Preserve History” or “Connect Generations”? It doesn’t. So when a little kid asks his father who watched Barry Bonds play why the person who has the most home-runs in the history of baseball is not recognized in Cooperstown, what are they supposed to say? That voters are choosing to ignore his existence?

Roger Clemens’ numbers speak for themselves too. He has the most Cy Young awards ever with 7, is one of four pitchers in the 4,000 strikeout club, and is one of 3 pitchers to win a Most Valuable Player award. Clemens received 35.4 percent of the vote and will likely go unrecognized in Cooperstown along with Bonds and Rose.

Then there’s the case of Mike Piazza, the greatest offensive catcher the sport has ever seen. Piazza managed to obtain 62.2 percent of the vote simply based on the SUSPICION that he was on the juice. There’s essentially no evidence, no positive test to speak of, and just because some voters think Piazza was on steroids, he will have a tough time getting in.

About those voters, how idiotic can they be? They are the ones who built up players on steroids like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Roger Clemens. They made them look like super heroes, and now they’re choosing to turn a blind eye?

Greg Maddux, arguably the best pitcher of the 1990s, a 300-game winner, a 4-time Cy Young award winner, a pitcher who is the motto of consistency with a record of having at least 15-wins in 17 consecutive seasons, and someone who has ZERO ties to performance enhancing drugs, did not receiver 100 percent of the vote (no one ever has).

But how can a voter say with a straight face that Greg Maddux is not a Hall of Famer? It wasn’t just one, sixteen people seriously believe that Maddux doesn’t belong. One voter in particular, Ken Gurnick, refuses to vote for anyone who played in the “steroid era”. Gurnick voted for just one player on his ballot, and that player was Jack Morris who PLAYED IN THE SO CALLED “STEROID ERA”!!!!! HOW MUCH OF A HYPOCRITE CAN YOU BE??? MORRIS BEGAN HIS CAREER IN 1977 AND RETIRED IN 1994, THAT’S DURING THE HEART OF THE STEROID ERA!!! YOU SAY THAT YOU REFUSE TO VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO PLAYED IN THAT ERA, AND YET YOU STILL DO!!!!

Talk about not having any credibility whatsoever. If the Baseball Hall of Fame has ignorant people like this voting, then clearly something needs to change.
Not that I agree at all with what Gurnick did, because I don’t, but at least he had the courage to say why he didn’t vote for Maddux as wrong as he may be.

There hasn’t been a word said from the other 15 voters that left Maddux off their ballots. Now that is the definition of a true coward. If you are going to leave Maddux off your ballot, at least give the people a reason why you don’t think he belongs.

This past year, one voter decided it was time to speak out. Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald, and a member of the BBWA, sold his ballot to Deadspin in protest. If this doesn’t say to the Hall of Fame that something’s not right, then nothing will.

Then you have the classic “Is he a first-ballot hall of famer?” question. The Hall of Fame is supposed to house the best players the sport has ever seen, and if you have to think about whether a player belongs, then they shouldn’t get in.

To me, either you are a hall of famer, or you aren’t. It’s baffling to me how one year a voter can say that someone doesn’t belong in Cooperstown, and then a decade later change their minds and say, “oh, now they belong”. How does that make any sense? Nothing changed during that time.

The stats didn’t change, nothing that player did changed, yet over-time, something happens that turns a player into a hall of famer? It took Jim Rice 15-years to be elected into Cooperstown. There was clearly a lot of indecision there, which should say, “Not a Hall of Famer”.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no end in sight to this mockery and the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame will continue to be the biggest joke in sports.

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