Alex Rodriguez Makes Right Move, Drops Lawsuit

08 Feb

The near impossible has happened. Alex Rodriguez has finally waved the white flag and given up his fight against Major League Baseball after voluntarily dropping his lawsuit against the MLB, Bud Selig, and the Players Association.

A-Rod will serve his 162-game suspension and miss all of the 2014 season. He will also not report to Yankees spring training.

In an email to the Associated Press, Rodriguez’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina confirmed the decision.

“The statements that were issued say everything that needs to be said. We have no further comments on this matter,” Tacopina said.

The MLBPA condemned A-Rod for dropping his lawsuit.

While A-Rod did the right thing by realizing the un-winnable situation he was in, this decision goes against everything he’s stood for.

What happened to everything A-Rod said to Mike Francesa back in November?

“And the fact that the man from Milwaukee (Bud Selig) that put this suspension on me with not one bit of evidence. Something that I didn’t do. He doesn’t have the courage to come look me in the eye and tell me this is why I did 211? I shouldn’t serve one inning… and this guy should come to our city. I know he doesn’t like New York. I love this city. I love being a Yankee. My daughters grew up in New York. And for this guy, the embarrassment that he’s put me and my family through. And he doesn’t have the courage to come see me and tell me ‘this is why I’m going to destroy your career’? And I have to explain this to my daughters every day?”

So much for saying he shouldn’t serve “one inning”.

At least now, everyone can move forward with their lives and believe it or not, giving up like this could be good for A-Rod.

He can finally fall out of the public eye for a little bit, get back in top physical shape, and by the spring of 2015, be ready to be a major contributor for the Yankees, assuming the team doesn’t buy him out.

According to a report, Rodriguez made this decision in order to save himself an estimated $10 million dollars in legal fees, and because he feared going all in on this lawsuit would take away any chance of him being a potential part owner or broadcaster of a Major League team.

But then again, this is A-Rod, and is it really reasonable to assume that he’s going to keep quiet for over 12 months? I doubt it.

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