Marcus Smart Shoves Fan: Fair or Foul?

09 Feb

Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan in the waining moments of last night’s game that has caused an uproar.

The Red Raiders were leading 63-61 at the time when Smart attempted to block Jaye Crockett’s dunk attempt with 6.2 seconds left. Smart fouled Crockett and his momentum carried him into the stands. That’s when Smart encountered Texas Tech “super fan” Jeff Orr, who according to Smart, called him a racial slur which has yet to be confirmed.

Whatever Orr said provoked Smart, who went on to make contact with Orr by shoving him. Smart received a technical, and Texas Tech went on to win the game 65-61.

Here’s the play:

Now what Smart did is unacceptable, even though he’s just a 20-year-old college kid. The bottom line is despite whatever an idiot fan in the stands says to you, you have to ignore it (aka put on your beats headphones). Smart deserves to be suspended for at least 2 games for what he did.

This situation should be treated as a learning experience, and something that Smart can use to grow upon. He’s not a professional athlete and he doesn’t get paid (so we think) to play his rear end off night in and night out. He’s just a kid and kids make mistakes.

It’s not like Oklahoma State has been dominating either. They’ve struggled having lost 5 of their last 6 games. Smart came back to college for another year with hopes of making it to the Final Four, and with the way his team has been playing, those hopes are slowly slipping away.

A unique angle of this story is that if this was some no name college player, this would not be news. It’s news because Smart was a pre-season all-american selection, and a player who’s likely going to be a lottery pick in next June’s NBA draft.

We (the media) hold these star college players to higher standards, and expect them to act like professional athletes all the time.

If I’m Texas Tech, Jeff Orr has to be either banned from attending games, or suspended for an appropriate length of time.

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