Why the New York Jets Can’t Draft Michael Sam

10 Feb

NFL prospect Michael Sam announced to the world yesterday that he is gay, putting himself in position to be the first openly gay athlete in the four major sports.

Come May, Sam will likely be drafted into the NFL. ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. has as high as a 3rd round grade for the 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

Obviously, whichever team drafts Sam will have to deal with the baggage that comes with him. Not every NFL team has the ability to handle what Sam would bring and one of those teams is the New York Jets.

The organization that drafts Sam has to have a solid infrastructure, excellent leadership at the top, and have the ability to handle a great deal of outside noise.

The New York Jets have none of that. Woody Johnson is one of the worst owners in sports. His lack of leadership has trickled down throughout the organization and is a big reason why the Jets are arguably the biggest joke in the NFL.

Seeing how happy Johnson was with the team after an 8-8 season was an embarrassment, and his love affair with Rex Ryan who hasn’t had a winning season since 2010 is mind-boggling.

Add the first openly gay athlete in professional sports to that equation, and you get a recipe for disaster.

I don’t even want to fathom what kind of words would leave the mouth of the “speak without thinking Ryan”, or Antonio Cromartie, or Geno Smith.

This is nothing against Sam and the kind of player he is. You don’t become an AP All-American or win the Defensive Player of the Year award in the best defensive conference in the country by accident. It’s just that not every team is qualified to handle what he would bring to a team.

Teams that Sam would do well with include the Pittsburgh Steelers with the Rooney family, the New England Patriots with Robert Kraft, and the New York Giants with the Mara’s and the Tische’s. The Giants though recently ran into some rough waters following a New York Post report that said the team knowingly sold off fake game-used items as the real thing.

Still, the Giants have a good enough system in place to manage Sam’s situation.

The Jets on the other hand, do not. Remember the last high profile player the team brought in? (Tim Tebow) That experiment didn’t go exactly as planned and is the reason why the New York Jets can’t draft Michael Sam.

Agree or Disagree? Do you think the New York Jets would be a good fit for Michael Sam?

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