Joe Johnson’s Lackadaisical 3-point Contest Effort

16 Feb

If I had to predict what Joe Johnson’s 3-point contest would look like, I would have told you he probably would take his grand old time and that he wouldn’t come close to finishing.

I also would have been talking sarcastically when I said that. Johnson though, failed to silence his critics by giving the most lackadaisical performance I’ve ever seen in a 3-point contest.

Here’s the video of his “effort”:

It’s almost comical the way this played out. You see Joe with his hands on the first ball anxiously waiting to start like he was about to be shot out of a cannon.

As soon as he started, the exact opposite happened. You would have thought he was kidding with how slow he was moving. Did he realize this was a timed event and that if you take your time, you won’t get to finish?

On the money ball of his 3rd rack, Johnson stood and watched for nearly 2.5 seconds hoping his shot would go in. Before partaking in the contest, the first thing you should be told not to do is don’t stand and watch. Doing so would accomplish nothing aside from wasting time. Apparently Johnson didn’t get the memo.

By the time he got to his final rack, there were only 2 seconds left and Johnson was able to shoot just one of his final 5 shots.

Johnson ended up finishing with the lowest score of the night. He had just 11 points.

Then again, this shouldn’t have been surprising.

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